The most important
Tick of all!

Our installation staff are ARC Tick certified.

Electrical licence – 77800

QBCC licence – 1170342

Servicing Maintains the Efficiency and Extends the Life of Your Air Conditioner

Regular servicing of your air conditioner is important for several reasons. It can;

  • Extend the life of your air conditioner
  • Improve the running efficiency and reduces energy consumption and cost
  • Improve air quality (our service includes an antibacterial spray, cleaned filters, and removal of mould and dust mites)
  • Reduce the likelihood of your air conditioner breaking down.
  • Maintain installation and manufacture warranties
  • Extend the life of outdoor units by applying a Corrosion Treatment

Our Service Program

Our fully qualified and licensed tradesmen will perform the following during servicing:

  1. Remove and clean all filters
  2. Spray a cleaning agent over the indoor coil to remove bacteria
  3. Spray cleaning agent down the drain pipe to remove any blockages
  4. Clean outdoor unit coil to maintain peak performance
  5. Inspect all electrical components within the air conditioning unit
  6. Spray lanolin oil on any rust spots on outdoor coil to protect unit
  7. Check gas pressures of unit
  8. Test for correct operation
  9. Clean up

All our services comply with current Australian Standards and building codes.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a commercial survey and quote on servicing prices

NB: Service cost excludes any repair of faults or supply and installation of spare parts which includes refrigerant gas. Extra dirty units will have a labour charge if excessive.